We are a Fellowship of Believers who started in a small church in Tampa, Florida before we transitioned to meeting in homes, like the early church. We reject the "trappings" of modern Christianity, and study the Bible like few others. We have a set of 8 guiding principles that govern our study, and we use an interactive, expository (explaining) style of teaching and preaching. It serves us well.


If you are tired of and frustrated with the feel-good, inspirational-yet-empty messages being preached in most churches, and want to learn what the Bible says about the Father, the Son and the age we live in, then we would like to hear from you! You are free to use our resources for your own personal study and edification, and if you find value in it we would love to hear from you.


Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. He is the perfect High Priest and the Author and Finisher of our faith. The First-Born over all Creation and the First-Fruit of the Resurrection. He was given an Inheritance by His Father the day He was Begotten, and we messed that up in the Garden. He is returning at the end of this age to set everything right, to restore His own Creation and to redeem faithful Believers as His brothers and sisters, granting that we should be His Co-Heirs according to the promise of the Father.


The Early Church was not organized along denominational lines with fixed and rigid authority structures typified by the Roman Catholic Church, or its many Protestant offshoots. The early church met in the homes of its members, with a plurality of Elders overseeing the teaching or their local assemblies. There was no centralized authority, other than the Apostolic Doctrine, which united brothers and sisters in Christ within, and across, fellowships.
Our local assembly/fellowship is part of a larger group of fellowships, all dedicated to returning to the "Apostolic Doctrine" - this is the body of teaching and faith passed from Christ to the Early church, through the Apostles. If we assume that Jesus faithfully trained and adequately equipped His Disciples (and we must assume so!), and that these men faithfully preserved and transmitted that teaching to the next generation of believers, then we are obliged to understand the Bible from a 1st century perspective, not a modern one.

We come from ethnically and theologically diverse backgrounds - ex-Baptists, ex-Charistmatics, ex-Plymouth Brethren, ex-Worldwide Church of God, ex-Roman Catholics, and more. But we have one thing in common - we are passionate about God's truth, we know we don't know everything, but are actively seeking to root out our own errors so that we may draw closer to Christ.

We are not afraid to ask difficult questions, preferring to "pull our own weeds and slay our own sacred cows", rather than dogmatically clinging to beliefs we inherited from our respective ex-denominations, yet can not explain, nor have ever questioned.


Steven Noseworthy

• Head Pastor/Elder of the Third Day Kingdom Fellowship (Oasis Christian Church)
• Contributing Pastor to 4Winds Fellowships
• Email:
• Cell: (941) 320-5123

Walter Diaz

• Co-Elder of the Third Day Kingdom Fellowship (Oasis Christian Church)
• Responsible for community outreach
• Email:
• Cell: (813) 810-3910‬