When it comes to the Bible What is true is not new What is new is not true

Our Beliefs It's taken us a long time to get here.

Don't judge this lightly or quickly.

We hold some "unconventional" beliefs - which is a strange thing to say because we can demonstrate that these are the beliefs handed from the Apostles to the first generation of Christians. As such, modern doctrine, which disagrees with our statements in many places and important ways, is actually the unconventional view - BUT ONLY IF YOU HOLD THE PRISTINE FAITH AS THE ONLY VALID AND TRUE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST.

You see, to define something as conventional, or not, you have to have a reference point - the thing to which your position is being compared. Our beliefs are only unconventional when compared to the majority of modern Christian statements of faith, but are entirely conventional when compared to the beliefs of 1st and early 2nd century Christianity.

If you've ever played the "Telephone Game" in grade school, you know a message can get garbled over time, especially when it's been passed through many different messengers. Unfortunately, the Gospel of the Kingdom is like that, and the message being preached has become distorted, and in some cases, almost unrecognizable.

Our focus here at Third Day Kingdom is to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom as it was originally given to the Apostles, and faithfully passed to the first generation of church leaders. We're far less concerned with the latest "fresh word from the Lord" of modern denominationalists, or self-proclaimed prophets, who hardly agree with each other and struggle to substantiate their claims through sound handling of Scripture. Rather, we are far more concerned with contending for the pristine faith "having once for all been delivered to the holy ones (Saints)." - Jude 3 (LGV)


One thing we can't stand is a generic statement of faith that does not do anything but regurgitate the bland, seeker-friedly bullet list of "safe" statements.

That's why we made our statement of faith "meaty", something you could sink your teeth into and that the Apostle Paul would love. Be prepared to spend some time reading our statement, as well as any supporting articles that substantiate our position. And if you're still not convinced we have a 12-module, seminary-level training series that should do the trick.

See Our Statement of Faith in the 4Winds Main Website

Want to study with us?

Since we're not a typical church with a big building and a greeting staff we need to know you're coming. We meet in the homes of one or more of our members, so we're not necessarily in the same place each week. Shoot us an email if you would like to visit!